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REV Computer Products & Services
REV Computer Products & Services
REV Computer Products & Services
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REV Corporation (Thailand) Ltd.
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In current environment, every organization is challenged to stay on the fast track and focus on their business value. With the aim to deliver the excellent customerís experience, we promise to continuously raising the bar and strive for improvement.
During economic downturn, Information Technology is one of the most important factors supporting business strategy and adding value to your business for the long-term growth and success. We offer the array of choices that best suit your organization requirements.
  • Local Area Network Design & Set up
  • Server Installation & Implementation
  • Network Implementation
  • Web server Implementation
  • DNS (Domain Name Server)
  • System Maintenance

Rev Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is the authorized dealer for several leading IT products and services. Over years, the company is focused on helping customers solve their most demanding technology challenges by delivering computer and peripheral, storage solutions, high-performance computing and storage solutions, software and services. REV enables enterprises to meet their IT requirements at a lower total cost of ownership and provides them greater flexibility and scalability.

Our clients are the fastest growing multinational companies which cover a wide range of industries. Our approach has been a win for our clients. We help them design, own and securing their information system.

We believe that the development of technology is a key issue of globalization. In particular, the competition of IT industry has been extremely harsh. With the progression of products, excellent quality, and comprehensive after sales service, Rev is committed to offer the long-term, mutually beneficial client relationships with our business partners.